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About my Art

I am a self taught artist and I have been painting since the 1990’s.

Acrylics and inks are my favourite mediums, but I also use multimedia and oil paint techniques.
Working with water based mediums allows for a more spontaneous process for me.

Larger scale works are my preference and I really enjoy doing canvas or wood panel works. Experimentation with other interesting supports and mediums keep it fun and exciting.

I enjoy the challenges of commissioned artworks , as it develops a clear focus. Extensive experience in decor and styling assists in the interpretation of a client’s vision. The design elements, themes, subjects and colour palettes as required by the client can be effectively incorporated. Physical objects as supplied by the client can be included to create awesome and unique works of art. Recycling is always a great challenge, making me a very versatile artist that can paint on anything.

I strive to further diversify and develop my art into pieces of freestanding art, painted objects, furniture or whatever is exciting and original.

My style is mostly contemporary and quite varied. I like to experiment with different styles, effects, materials and subjects. Exploring line and texture, mood and subject, reflections and shadings, colour and contrast to create unique artworks. Expressing a moment in time, a thought or memory, something we might all experience in our lives or something that is just simply beautiful. Some canvasses may be fully covered in paint, others may leave considerable empty space, this allows for more possibilities in the outcome of the works.

The subject matter usually involves the “Human-nature” and “Human vs Nature” concepts. A fascination with nature’s design and the diversity of the organic form visible all around us. In an ever increasing high paced life we might not always notice or appreciate the beauty an fragility of it. Faces and figures may also be included in the compositions. A human face and especially the eyes immediately engages with the viewer as we are naturally “programmed” to focus on and interpret facial expressions as part of our evolutionary process. Realism is not my aim but rather the mood that is created.

I aim to have the viewer appreciate nature through my works and to see our place on this earth as a place that is shared with other fantastic creatures and other wonderful aspects of the natural world, something as simple as a rock or a stretch of beach, flowing water and all the sounds we hear. We should live in harmony with nature, protect and cherish it, not try dominate and destroy it.

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