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About Me


Sheldon Fouché

I have always been creatively minded and a nature lover. Making, breaking, collecting, picking, re-purposing, recycling  all formed part of my approach.

Tertiary education: an MSc in Biochemistry at (University of Johannesburg, formerly RAU) and employed for several years in the Biochemistry department. These 14 academic years gave me great insights into the workings of Nature and I have always been thankful for it, it has played an important role in my art.

While studying I supplemented my income with art related projects such as mural painting, lead and stained glass window renovation, stained glass jewellery, home renovation projects. I also participated in group art exhibitions with other  artists during that period.

An unexpected opportunity in the events industry led to the development of a completely new career path. Event decòr design and styling became my main focus for the next 12 years in my company: Icarus Conceptual Design. A career in the events industry was surely challenging and rewarding and a lot of creative juices flowed. A deep yearning to develop my art  put me on a new career path to follow my dream of becoming a full time artist.

Art is now the main career focus. I also get involved with interior projects when the opportunity presents itself.


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